Question: When is a Handyman not just a handyman?

Answer: When he has a few more miles under his feet and has a vast array of experiences to draw on.

Hi, I'm Lonnie and I do handyman work. I have always been a builder of one sort or another. I laid in the foundation for one of the homes we owned in the past. I built from scratch every piece of our first childs bedroom furniture from the crib to the changing table. I've built decks, and porches. I've replaced hotwater heaters, windows, built exterior stairs, painted a hundred rooms and wallpapered more than a few. I've put in sprinkler systems from scratch, and breathed new life into existing ones. I've installed recessed lights and replaced outlets by the droves. I have refloored, including subflooring of mobile homes. Wainscotting? Paneling? Installed hardwood floors? Tile? Yep, yep, yep, and yep.

Twenty odd years ago I even built a racecar from scratch, engine and all, and won a few races with it.

Fifteen years ago I received a bachelors degree in Software Engineering, so I also know my way around a computer (Yep, I build them too!).

I build things. I build things for the pleasure of applying myself to a project and seeing it through to it's completion. I build things to see the joy on people's faces when a project is completed. I build things to maintain my sanity!

Every good company utilizes a mission statement as a guide to help them meet thier goals. My personal mission statement is: "Take on each project like it is for the most important person in the world." I know it sounds kind of corny, but when I apply this statement to my projects I ALWAYS come away with a happy customer!